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 "Huff Electric will work hard to earn your business and keep it."

    Huff Electric is a small family owned electrical contracting company that wants your business and will work hard to earn it and keep it. Our goal is to provide the best quality service and customer experience possible on a personal level, and develop a long term successful business relationship that will last for years and generations to come. We want you to refer our business to anybody and everybody that might ever need or ask for a good electrician.  

     At Huff Electric we make every effort to stay informed and keep rates low in order to provide the best quality service available. It is common to find that a customer will get at least 3 estimates or bids for a project before making a decision on which contractor to use. If you find that you have received a higher bid from Huff Electric please let us know. We will be more than willing to explain in detail the scope of the project and compete for your business. Your opinions and suggestions are valued even if we're unable to win your business. Competition and feedback is beneficial to both; Us as a business, and You as a consumer.

    However; It is important to note that ALL BIDS ARE NOT THE SAME, although the scope of the project may be the same. Often times different materials, and methods of installations can be used to complete a job, including someone cutting corners, or giving a misleading representation in order to win the bid or only installing per minimum code requirements. Those requirements are just that,"minimum" At Huff Electric we like to take into consideration all past, present, and future factors that may have an influence on the type of materials/supplies, and method of installation used to achieve the project goal to ensure a quality installation and a high level of satisfaction. This sometimes requires going a little above the minimum code requirements which can end up with a higher bid or estimate. Providing a proposal, installation or repair for only the minimum code requirements is always an option and never out of the question.

    Our technicians are very skilled at providing services tailored to your needs in conjunction with local codes and the authority having jurisdiction. At Huff Electric we want to develop a long term relationship with each one of our customers, provide you with the best service, and create referrals. If there is any chance that you will have us back for more work at a later time whether it be for future expansion, remodel, service, or troubleshooting and repair, we want you to know that we have taken that into consideration during our visit for a proposal, installation, and/or repair. This is beneficial to all parties involved by usually costing you less in the long run and making our job a little easier. Any questions, comments, or concerns are greatly appreciated at any time. It is your feedback that helps make us better in everything we do.

     Examples of our service areas include:

* Wichita      * Andover          * Rose Hill      * Derby

* Mulvane    *Peck                 * Haysville      * Goddard

* Maize        * Valley Center   * Park City     * Kechi

We offer a wide variety of electrician services and free estimates so please contact us today for more information. We can be reached by phone, (texting available), email, or through this site.

316-209-9250 OR SEND US AN E-MAIL TO:

Huff Electric is very confident that if given the opportunity we can earn your business and keep it.

Keep up with us!

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