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" Very pleased, I won't be using anyone else. You have a great attitude, work ethics, and you know how to treat people." - George, Haysville, Ks-

"Great Job! You can use me as a referral anytime you need"

- David, Wichita, Ks-

"Now that I know your work, I'll have a lot more for you to do"

- Troy, Wichita, Ks-

"We are very happy and will refer you to everyone we know, and try to get you as much business as we can."

- Dale, Wichita, Ks-

"I am never let down, and very proud"

- Steve, Abilene, Ks-

"Thank you so much, you didn't have to show up, but you did and that means a lot."

                   - Judy, Haysville, Ks-

"I contracted with King Solar to install solar panels on my workshop and backup generation capability. A major part of this project was the rebuilding of the electrical supply to my home and workshop to incorporate these new features. Huff Electric is the electrical contractor that King Solar uses and I was extremely impressed with their work. As the project was proceeding, Matthew Huff always kept me informed of the work to be accomplished and would take the time to answer my questions. I was very impressed with the work that Huff Electric did as part of my project and would recommend them to anyone that had an electrical job."

- Tony, Andale, Ks

"Your the only one that would stay in communication with me, and put up with me."

- anonymous-

"You do terrific work, efficiently, and being a friendly person who seems to enjoy work will go a long way. Here's wishing you prosperity in the New Year!"


We also accept major credit cards for those unexpected repairs

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